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This is the place in every time I like to go. Very clam place to me. This is ” katharagama kiri wehera”  .Katharagama is a name of a village . this “sthupa ” called kiri wehera. Hope to write again about katharagama.

this is my first post on wordpress. So this is test post.

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When I was a Teacher

Stone hit to the Head Master


The incident happened during teacher training period. It was a junior level school . I heard before there are naughty children who are not listen to teachers in that schools. But we have to work as a trainee teachers one year anywhere they give.

One day I saw the head master beat a child by cane. As I heard it was no wonder for me, but I asked from one of my class pupils, why the head master beat that boy?

I was shocked with her answer, ” he was hit to head master from a stone”.

Oh my god. which kind of children this is, I was wonder and painful about my self. That means they will not listening us for sure.

When I was thinking , I heard that girls is giggling. she said don’t worry teacher we called as head master for one of grade 5 students,who was failed now 3 times. ” head master ” is his nick name and not our real head master……